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Du Pont Teflon® Carpet Protector San Diego

DuPont Teflon® Carpet Protector San Diego

Most carpets have mill-applied carpet protectors, which helps protect carpets from dirt and stains. DuPont is a mill-applied carpet protector used by most of the major carpet manufacturing companies to give their carpets the most effective stain resistance possible. It protects carpets by by forming a molecular shield around each carpet fiber. The shield lowers the surface energy of the carpet fibers causing them to repel liquid spills and dust and dirt. The following demonstrates how it works:

The same Teflon® brand technology that keeps foods from sticking to your pots and pans keeps dirt from sticking to your carpet fibers. While this carpet protector is very effective, it eventually will lose effectiveness, leaving your carpets vulnerable to set-in stains that damage the fibers and ruin your carpeting. But, the good news is that you can have this protection professionally applied on a regular basis to continue to protect your carpets from set-in stains. DuPont Teflon® carpet protector applied by Steam 'N Clean in San Diego is non-toxic and safe to use around the family. It dries quickly and leaves no odor.

DuPont Teflon® carpet protector is recommended by many carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers. Its regular application will not void your carpet manufacturer's warranty. Even if you have a STAINMASTER® carpet, having us apply DuPont Teflon® Carpet Protector won't harm your carpet or void its warranty. Even wool carpets benefit from DuPont's special formulation for wool carpets. DuPont recommends the application of Teflon® Advanced after each cleaning on all carpet fiber types. It's safe for all carpet materials.

When it's time to have your carpeting cleaned, contact Steam 'N Clean Carpet Cleaning (858) 605-6666. San Diego carpet cleaning by Steam 'N Clean is done by the method that carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend for cleaning your carpets. We also only use the water-based DuPont Teflon® Carpet Protector after-treatment product, which won't void your carpet manufacturer or carpet fiber producer warranties. You'll just get long-lasting protection from dry soil, spills and stains.

Teflon® Carpet Protector Works on Upholstery, Too

You can get the same stain protecting benefits for your upholstery as you get for your carpeting. DuPont Teflon® carpet protector is suitable for use on upholstered furniture made from most cotton, nylon, polyester and blends of these fibers. The next time you call Steam 'N Clean to have your upholstery cleaned, ask us to apply DuPont Teflon® carpet protector to help protect your upholstered furniture from gritty dry soil, spills and stains that could permanently discolor and ruin the fabric

The cleaning experts at Steam 'N Clean are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We also have plenty of experience. Call Steam 'N Clean Carpet Cleaning (858) 605-6666 today for a free estimate.

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