Carpeting doesn't even contribute significantly to dust mite allergies. Because dust mite allergen is difficult to disturb, reactions may only be exacerbated by direct surface contact or direct inhalation from surfaces, such as pillows, mattresses or hand to nose. The only way carpeting can contribute to dust mite allergies is if it is not properly maintained. To control dust mites and other allergens, have Steam 'N Clean perform a San Diego carpet cleaning on a regular basis. Then, ask our technician to apply our DuPont Teflon® carpet protector immediately after the San Diego carpet cleaning is performed to help protect it from dirt and stains.

How often should I have a San Diego carpet cleaning performed if I have allergies?

Typically, it is recommended that San Diego carpet cleaning occur once every 18 months to two years, depending on how much wear and traffic the carpeting receives. For pet owners and buildings with occupants that smoke, San Diego carpet cleaning should be done more frequently (around once every year). But, for home or office occupants that have allergies, San Diego carpet cleaning should be done about once every six months. This will keep the allergens from building up in the carpet fibers and remove more than 99% of the ones already there. As long as you stick to a regular San Diego carpet cleaning regimen, your carpeting will continue to be an effective trap for airborne allergens for years to come.

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